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I thought I would share with you the evolution of my tfios fan art, that then expanded into a panorama that encompassed John’s core four.

It took me about 4 days, and I got about a cover done a day.  I’ve never done digital painting on this level before, and was constantly surprised at the results as I was drawing this (especially the flower).

I was really hoping DFTBA records would pick these up as posters, as they’re the only website that could sell them in sets, plus being.. y’know, really suitable.  I’ve gotten hundreds of requests for posters, but they seem completely disinterested, so I’ll try and sort something out for everyone (probably involving redbubble).

If you’re interested in buying a poster I would suggest following me here on tumblr.  I’ll certainly be vocal about it if I work it out.  And who knows, if all goes well, maybe I’ll do more stuff like this in the future.

This is freaking awesome.

We have an amazing idea!

So I was talking about how it’d be amazing to eat a Hogwarts style meal in a replica set of the Great Hall, but I would never have the money for it. Then my sister said “… You know, it would be pretty awesome if someone could do that for kids in an orphanage or something. ” I think this is an AWESOME idea but I wouldn’t even know how to start. It’s my goal to do this for kids who are in an orphanage or sick kids or even kids that don’t have a lot of money. Let’s make it happen, tumblr!



my english teacher used to collect street signs until her students began to steal them for her

like they stole a street sign 

that said the street name

they also stole a stop sign in front of this loop in front of my school

and all 100 kids were like stealing signs

my english teacher was the head of a crime ring

I bet the principal didn’t want to believe it…

even though all the signs were there

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